About REIMAGINE 2018

It's safe to say that our second-annual company-wide event, REIMAGINE 2018, was a success!
Judging by the photo booth photos (available to view/download here), a good time was had by all 1,200+ attendees.

A New Perspective

We heard from an inspiring speaker named Vinh Giang who taught us a lot about perspective (and made us laugh until it hurt), learned about new marketing tools from Mary Lee Blaylock and Laura Scott, sampled from the mashed potato bar and Champagne Diva, and networked with colleagues who came from all of our Southern California offices.


New Tools

We covered a lot of topics on February 1st and introduced tons of new tools. Below is a recap of what they are, where to find them, and how they can improve the way that you do business.

Updates to MyConnect:
We added all of the new tools introduced at REIMAGINE to MyConnect, plus some things have moved around.
Visit MyConnect today to familiarize yourself. An updated flowchart can be found at MyConnect>Training>Flowchart.

BuyerConnect & Property Valuation System:
BuyerConnect: This brand-new tool allows you to match sellers with the perfect buyer, plus tell your seller how many buyers are actively searching for a home just like theirs. Visit MyConnect>Resources>BuyerConnect for additional details and marketing materials.

Property Valuation System (PVS): Start using your personalized PVS webpage today to drive traffic and collect leads. Visitors to your page will receive 3 independent property value estimates and be prompted to contact you for more details. Visit MyConnect>Resources>Property Valuation System for additional details and marketing materials.

Facebook Ad Builder:
This new tool allows you to easily promote your listings with Facebook advertising. Every time you list a new property, it will automatically ask you if you’d like to advertise it. Rates start as low as $33 per week. Visit MyConnect>Resources>Facebook Ad Builder for more details.

2018 Brand Campaigns:
This Is Living: These new videos can be downloaded from MyConnect>Resources>Social Media Images. Use them to supplement your social media efforts. Core Values: Promote this campaign using postcards, social media images, and more. Visit MyConnect>Resources>Social Media Images for additional details and marketing materials.

New Homes Division:
Our New Homes Division website is now live.
Visit MyConnect>Resources>New Homes Division to find the New Homes Specialist application form and access marketing materials.

BHHS Key Rings:
These client gifts are now available for purchase on MyConnect>Resources>Agent Marketplace. For $18 you will receive the box, key ring, and ribbon!



The entire REIMAGINE 2018 presentation can be downloaded here.


Relive our amazing REIMAGINE 2018 event a second time! Preview all photos of the event here.

Take photos? Tag us @bhhscalifornia and use our #REIMAGINE2018 hashtag!